IMG 3adbHave you ever heard of the Spanish word “cascarones”? On April 13th, our third year college students had the opportunity to experience one of the most lively traditions throughout the American continent. Cascarones is the Spanish word used to describe the egg shells used for an Easter hunt in the US and Mexico. Traditionally, these egg shells are dyed in different colors, filled with confetti, and covered with thin paper. The cascarones are then hidden throughout the park, garden, or yard where the egg hunt takes place, and people have to find them to later crack them open on each other’s heads! Third year students had a blast finding these egg shells that were hidden throughout campus. Laughs and screams were heard during Wednesday’s first lesson. Peace Corps Volunteer Mariel Vazquez would like to thank her colleagues and students for being so enthusiastic for taking part in one of the most important traditions from her culture! 

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